Double And Triple Silver Low-e Coated Glass From China Manufacturer Shengda Glass

The double silver and triple silver low-e glass is stable performance, excellent optical performance and natural light in the room. It has been widely used in building door and window processing, which has a obvious effect on building energy conservation. Three silver low-e glass is the best building energy-saving glass in the world.

The advantages of double and triple silver low-e coated glass:

Saving on the investment of air-conditioning equipment and reducing the overall cost of construction.

Eliminating the feeling of hot summer and cold winter facing window, reducing indoor temperature difference and improving indoor comfort.

Reducing the energy consumption of air conditioning and saving on operating costs

Reducing consumption and saving energy.

Improving the grade of the building and improving the price/performance ratio of the building.

Higher visible light transmittance.

Fine natural light.

Low thermal radiation transmission.

Double-infrared low-e glass solar infrared heat radiation transmittance is about one-third or even lower than single-silver glass.

The solar infrared radiation transmittance of three silver low-e glass is close to zero

Lower temperature difference heat transfer coefficient.

Low-e Glass (1)

Low-e Glass (1)

Post time: Nov-11-2019