Laminated Glass From China Manufacturer Shengda Glass

Laminated glass is made by two or more glass sheets with a flexible plastic interlayer(sgp,pvb,eva).the glass and interlayer are bonded together by heat and pressure.

Safety: Laminated glass cannot be cut by glass cutter, the laminated glass has strong prevention to malicious damage, stealing and violent invasion.

Bulletproof and explosion proof properties:  The bulletproof  laminated glass and high-strength explosion proof laminated glass by triplicates or more glass sheets with pvb at different thickness.

Noise reduction: Absorbing sound wave, reducing noise. 6mm laminated glass could reduce noise about 35db.

Uv elimination: Eliminates 99% uv while allowing visible light to pass through, thereby preventing furniture, carpet and indoor decorations from color fading.

Low-e Glass (1)

Low-e Glass (1)

Post time: Nov-09-2019